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Top tips for cycling clothing

Clothing is one of the most important factors in the road cyclist’s kit. The variation in weather, ride distance and fitness levels means that you’ll likely to be spending several hours on your bike, so ensure you’re cycling in comfort with our guides to the best cycling clothing.

To start out, the following key garments will get you riding in comfort in no time:

  • Cycling shorts/bib shorts
  • Baselayer
  • Long-sleeved jersey
  • Short-sleeved jersey
  • Socks

Most important are the cycling shorts you are wearing, so it’s worth investing a pair of bibs that can suit both your body shape and your cycling ambitions.

Our bodies perform at their optimum best when our core temperature is warm and held at a consistent temperature. The technically advanced synthetics being utilised in contemporary cycling summer baselayers provide excellent thermoregulation, combined with breathability, lightness and durability.

The long sleeve jersey is obviously a staple of the road cyclist and a versatile garment to see you through those milder autumn, spring and winter days, but underneath a more substantial jacket, they will provide a little more protection and insulation against more extreme weather conditions. There is now a spectrum of choice out there to accommodate every taste: from retro chic to a sleeker, contemporary look. Others flirt with haute couture (even Paul Smith is getting in on the act!) and some brands are pushing the boundaries, introducing funky and original combinations of colours and graphics.

The good news for the road cyclist of today is that clothing is such a competitive sector of the industry and so manufacturers are pumping huge amounts of R&D into sportswear fabric innovation. The consequence is that the bar is continually being raised when it comes to comfort and performance, but the prices have to remain competitive and realistic. 

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