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Best Waterproof Cycling Jackets

Getting caught in the driving rain whilst out on a long ride can take the enjoyment out of cycling. 

Whether you’re cycling on roads or a trail, a high-quality waterproof cycling jacket can make the difference in unpredictable weather. 

There are many great options when choosing a waterproof jacket to protect you from the elements. Here are the nine best waterproof cycling jackets. 

Prendas Ciclismo Duke Winter Jacket

  • Material: WARMSANT fabric by WindZero
  • Sizes available: XS to XXL
  • Colours: Yellow/Back

Prendas’ Ciclismo Duke jacket is part of their AW2019 range, spanning from winter 2018 to 2020. 

Made with winter conditions across the U.K, Europe and America in mind, the durable WARMSANT fabric used on the outer coating has a water-resistant coating. 

Further additions from existing ranges include softer cuffs and collars, three rear pockets for ease of access mid-ride and a honeycomb gripper on the bottom hem to prevent movement of the jacket, which are all geared towards retaining heat, keeping dry and protected from the winter elements. 

The Prendas Ciclismo Duke has proven to be a popular choice for cyclists favouring longer routes and those taking part in colder rides in the winter. 

One of the key features that make the Prendas Ciclismo Duke jacket so impressive is the all-round protection from the elements and its secure hems and cuffs to provide insulation and dryness. 

Rapha Core Rain II Nylon Cycling Jacket

  • Material: Nylon
  • Sizes available: S to XXL
  • Colours: Navy/White

The Rapha Core Rain II is made from lightweight nylon, making the jacket easy to pack away and take out when it begins to rain. 

Several features of the Core Rain II make it appealing to winter cyclists. The shaped hem at the back of the jacket protects from tyre spray while an internal silicone grip and firm zip fastening along the front of the jacket keeps it firmly in place when riding. Laser-cut underarm holes give breathability and ventilation to prevent over-heating. 

The Rapha Core Rain II is a great lightweight option that can be kept away easily for emergency rain situations. 

Its light nylon material makes it comfortable and easy to remove and put on a matter of seconds for cyclists who don’t like to spend too long static!

dnb Flashlight Waterproof Jacket

  • Material: Nylon
  • Sizes available: XS to XXL
  • Colours: Black, Yellow or Orange

dnb looked to improve their existing range of jackets with the Flashlight series. Extensive testing to find a breathable, moisture management system in a jacket resulted in the lightweight Flashlight waterproof.

A light Polyamide is coated with a durable water repellent coating to combine an easy to fit jacket with water-resistant materials. 

dnb also wanted to ensure the Flashlight jacket was comfortable for cyclists and the adjustable cuffs and articulated sleeves help users to feel comfortable in their settings and sizes. A high stretched hem and dropped tail also provide further protection on the back areas. 

Visible Flashlight logos is where the jacket gets its name. These are visible from all directions to provide cyclist safety on the roads.

The Flashlight waterproof jacket is comfortable and modern. Its lightweight qualities and tailor-made hems and sleeves ensure a comfortable ride without breaking the bank either!

Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Active Jacket

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Sizes available: S to XXL
  • Colours: Black or Red

Gore-Tex created a cycling jacket to be both waterproof and windproof that cyclists can use all year round. 

The manufacturer aimed to provide a micro-climate within a jacket with the G5 Active range to provide breathability and comfort. Gore-Tex Active fabric ensures the jacket is lightweight but that it is also robust enough to withstand rain, wind and the toughest of cycling conditions. 

A higher placed top collar provides another element of warmth for winter cycling and helps with the all-in-one feel of the jacket. The performance fit also keeps the jacket securely in place while conveniently placed pockets towards the back to make access easy and less restrictive. 

The C5 Gore-Tex Active jacket is an excellent jacket for all-year-round cyclists. It’s weatherproof enough to serve as a winter jacket, but also breathable and comfortable enough to use in the warmer months too for those spring and summer downpours.

Nukeproof Blackline Softshell Jacket

  • Material: 87% Polyester, 13% Polyurethane
  • Sizes available: S to XXL 
  • Colours: Black, Marron or Olive Green 

The Nukeproof Backline Softshell Jacket is well-suited for colder, wetter conditions. Thermal and water-resistant properties ensure this softshell jacket is warm enough for tough cycling conditions. 

DWR water repellent coating on the outer fabric of the jacket provides robustness to the Blackline Softshell jacket, which combines well with the waffle fabric inner to provide body heat insulation for those colder days and wetter months. 

In addition to its weatherproof qualities, comfort is provided through a hood specifically designed to fit over helmets and raglan sleeves support cyclist’s movement, particular for off-road conditions. 

A YKK zip provides a secure fit while two storm-proof pockets at the front of the jacket keep valuable keys, phones and wallets safe. 

Nukeproof have created a jacket that caters for the winter cyclist who wants to keep their moveability when off-pieced; perfect for the colder days, but it may be too robust for the summer months and lightweight for the more severe cycling conditions.

Ettore Night Eagle II Cycling Jacket

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Sizes available: S to 3XL
  • Colours: Red or Yellow

Ettore’s Night Eagle II jacket has waterproof, windproof and breathable materials making it suitable for winter and autumn conditions. 

With a waterproof rating of 8,000 mm and a breathability rating of 8,000g, the Night Eagle II provides by comfort and dryness in the wetter months. The fleeced linking is the neck adds an extra layer of warmth to insulate riders when temperatures drop.

The reflective materials included along the arms and back of the jacket gives more protection and visibility for cyclists. 

There are waterproof pockets on the Night Eagle II. Two are located on the front breast area of the jacket to easily store essential items, while a large back pocket is big enough to hold a map for those longer, less familiar cycling routes. 

Cyclists can adjust the elasticated cuffs can be adjusted for tailored comfort and the longer shaped back protects the back from tyre spray.

For a reasonable cost, the Ettore Night Eagle II offers plenty of protection and warmth from the elements. Fine details and accessories, such as a waterproof map pocket, specifically placed reflective materials and adjustable cuffs, add a comforting touch to the jacket. 

Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket

  • Material: Nylon
  • Sizes available: XS to 3XL
  • Colours: Black, Red or Fluorescent Yellow

The Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket provides waterproof and windproof qualities in a lightweight material to protect riders from downpours and showers.

With a water-resistant rating of 10,000 mm, waterproof zips and seams and a guttering system that drains any excess water away from hands and the back, this Castelli jacket offers excellent protection from the rain.

The jacket is also designed to fit away in pockets and brought out for showers. It is also suitable in temperatures as low as 6 degrees Celsius. 

Stretch materials have been used in the jacket to improve movement but there is enough room to put warmer layers underneath without affecting restriction.

It is a great option to have with just in case it starts raining. Castelli acknowledges that this jacket is not suitable for all-day rainy conditions, but more of an accessory to easily carry with you on a spring or summer cycle where light rain or showers are forecast.

Madison Roam Waterproof Jacket

  • Material: Polyester
  • Sizes available: XS to XXL
  • Colours: Dark Green

The Madison Roam waterproof jacket is suitable for riding and more casual situations. With two-layered technology and a relaxed fit, it is more robust than thinner shell jackets and offers plenty of protection when riding.

Upper and body constructions of the jacket are both 10,000 mm waterproof and 10,000-gram breathability, giving the Roam jacket a balance between water-resistance and comfort. 

Waterproof zips and pockets, located at the side and on the sleeve, also add a further layer of protection from the elements while the breathable mesh keeps the jacket light. 

Hook and loop cuffs adjusters help riders to get comfortable and ensure their hands are free before setting off and the hood’s design ensures it fits over helmets so protection is not compromised.

The Madison Roam is a stylish jacket that also offers some heavy-duty protection from the rain and wind. Its weatherproof qualities do not compromise comfort either as it is breathable enough to wear for an entire outing on the trail.

Rockrider Mountain Bike Rain Jacket

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Sizes available: S to 3XL
  • Colours: Grey/Blue, Whale Grey, Fluorescent Blood Orange

The Rockrider softshell Mountain Bike Jacket has multiple layers to keep trail riders dry and warm. 

Water repellent fabrics on the jacket and the back-bib area keep cyclists dry and the ventilated mesh fabric on the upper back provides breathability and ventilation, ideal for longer rides. A windproof membrane on the upper chest area also adds further protection on blustery days. 

Five conveniently placed, waterproof pockets provide plenty of room to carry essential items when out all day while a foam material on the back area gives riders additional comfort and back support. 

There is plenty of space underneath the Rockrider Mountain Bike Rain jacket too, enough to add further layers for those cold mornings or days out. 

With many specifications and details specifically catered to keep cyclists dry and warm while off-pieced, the Rockrider Mountain Bike Rain Jacket offers protection and warmth in the winter months. Additional layers are required in colder conditions as the jacket is best suited for temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees Celsius.

Things to consider before buying a waterproof cycling jacket

Amount of layers

Cycling jackets have a different number of layers depending on their suitability for specific conditions. 

Some have three layers (face fabric, membrane and lining), which often contain a waterproof element and additional breathability for those cycling longer distances. 

Other jackets may have 2.5 or 2 layers are usually more packable than three fabric layer jackets, but less breathable, making them more suited to quick covers during showers or downpours. 

It’s important to consider the layers underneath a jacket too. A jacket’s protection from the elements is just one of few layers cyclists should consider before their ride, especially in particularly cold or hot conditions. 


How a jacket fits is vitally important. A tight jacket will have less moveability, while a loose jacket could flail in the win, offer less protection and slow riding pace.

Adjustable cuffs also help to provide comfort around the arms and wrists and keep moving in this area free. A jack should also cover the lower back and rear to prevent exposure. 

Jacket Care

A good quality jacket will last longer, but preventative measures can ensure a waterproof jacket retains its element busting qualities when a build-up of dirt, sweat and rain accumulates.

Manufacture instructions will guide cyclists on how to care for a jacket. Specific detergents and waterproof products can also be used when washing to prevent quick wear and tear. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How are waterproof and breathability ratings calculated? 

Waterproof ratings refer to the amount of pressure needed for liquid to penetrate the fabric. Waterproof jackets must repel 1300 mm of pressure to be considered waterproof. 

The breathability of a jacket is recorded against temperature, humidity and how much pressure it can withstand. The greater number of grams a jacket’s breathability has, depending on the weight of materials used, the more breathable it is. 

What jacket is the most lightweight and easiest to carry? 

Packable jackets are often the easiest to carry and most lightweight as they can be stored in case of rain or downpours. The Castelli Emergency Rain Jacket is one of the lightest and is designed specifically to pack. 

Do I need a different jacket for road cycling and trail cycling? 

Some jackets suit commuters and shorter distance cyclists while others are more geared towards performance and long-distance riders. Commuters will benefit from jackets that are showerproof and that have reflective and visible properties to be seen in traffic etc. Performance, long-distance and off-trail cyclists may prefer jackets with high-tech fabrics that are also breathable. But, depending on the weather, a packable, lightweight showerproof coat may be more suitable. 

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