Best Cycling Podcasts

We love podcasts: always on tap, lots of quality ones to choose from and, best of all, free to listen to. So, here we present our favourite cycling podcasts in no particular order.

The Bike Show

The Bike Show, originally broadcast by Resonance FM (aka “the world’s first radio art station”) since 2004 and Jack Thurston is the resident host. The Bike Show is a favourite of ours for its esoteric and high quality content. A good example of this is a the episode “Did Cycling Kill Kraftwerk?” in which the author of a new biography on the band claims that their obsession with cycling caused the band’s career to nose-dive. Fascinating and certainly a change from the often cited “musical differences”. A great show if you want to get an interesting spin on cycling (pun intended).

Podcast website:

The Cycling Podcast

The Cycling Podcast which started back in 2013, is a podcast more focused on the pro racing scene hosted by Lionel Birnie, Daniel Friebe and Richard Moore. There are several series within the podcast and offshoots such as the Explore series from Hannah Troop and Ian Boswell, with a focus on endurance and bikepacking.

Podcast website:

Wheel Suckers Podcast

Not affiliated to us, the Wheel Suckers Podcast is a cycling industry comedy podcast by Alex from Look mum no hands! and Jenni from London Bike Kitchen. Expect funny quips and deeply interesting interviews from some of the cycling industry.

Podcast website:

Unpaved Podcast

The Unpaved Podcast is by co-hosted Katherine Moore, a gravel rider and bikepacker alongside her co-host Tom Bonnett describing their travels up and down the UK with interesting stories about those helping riders who are keen to take their cycling exploration to the next level.

Podcast website:

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