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Best Cycling Saddle Bags

Need more space for your essentials when out for a cycle?

Saddlebags are a useful piece of kit to hold all the items you need for your journey, especially if you run out of space in your pockets or if you find your phone is weighing you down.

Whether you’re riding all day, commuting to work, or out for a casual cycle, a handy saddle bag can store required items that you don’t immediately need to hand.

Rapha Small Coated-Ripstop Cycling Saddle Bag

  • Capacity: 0.3 litres
  • Weight: 40 grams
  • Size: One Size
  • Colour: Black

The Rapha Small Coated-Ripstop Saddle Bag will fit tightly to the underside of a saddle for security and to prevent rattling whilst cycling.

It is a compact piece of kit that has a waterproof coating to keep all contents dry. The ripstop finish ensures it is heavy-duty enough to withstand bumpy terrain. An extra layer of padded foam on the topside also keeps the bag firmly in place to lessen any rattling.

Welded seams and Aquaguard zips also provide extra waterproof properties and protection from the elements.

Rapha has designed the Coated-Ripstop bag to be secure and comfortable – you would barely know it was there whilst riding. There is no compromise on the space either; it is spacious enough to store some of your essentials along with snacks and technical equipment if necessary. 

Altura NV Road Saddle Bag

  • Capacity: 0.6 litres
  • Weight: 70 grams
  • Size: Medium
  • Colour: Black

The Altura NV Road Saddle Bag has many of the core features you would expect from a saddlebag to provide a snug fit, but a few additional elements make this bag a handy accessory.

An integrated mounting system ensures the Altura bag fits tightly underneath the saddle and remains in place. The Hex Ripstop fabric also gives the bag heavy-duty protection from harsher weather conditions.

A night vision LED loop connection point is an additional feature that can be particularly useful for those cycling at night. The bag has Darproof Technology, providing cyclists with reflective properties to visibility.

Altura has developed a sturdy, reasonably priced bag that also offers plenty of protection with the LED and reflective features. It is large enough to store additional items for longer rides and it fits securely underneath the saddle.

Topeak Wedge Dry Bag

  • Capacity: 0.6 litres
  • Weight: 140 grams
  • Size: S to L
  • Colour: Black

The Topeak Wedge Drybag is made from heavy-duty materials and provides multiple layers of protection for equipment.

Sonically welded seams and roll closure ensure the bag is waterproof and sturdy to withstand wet and cold weather. A Quick Click system also allows cyclists to attach and detach the bag swiftly.

Additional safety features include reflective materials on the outer later to improve visibility; riders can also attach a safety light clip to the bag when riding at night.

The Topeak Wedge Dry Bag presents a heavy-duty choice for cyclists who use a saddlebag regularly. It is well-suited for autumn and winter conditions due to the stormproof outer layer and robust enough to withstand some of the worst weather conditions.×4-3×4-5-Inch-Medium/dp/B007Q4MJD4/ref=sr_1_1

Ortlieb Two Saddle Bag

  • Capacity: 1.6 litres
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Size: S or L
  • Colour: Green, Red or Black

The Ortlieb Two Saddle Bag provides an option of extending the capacity with an adjustable adapter system for additional items.

More capacity makes this bag ideal for longer, day-long cycling. The side buckle and roll closure systems keep it tightly attached and firmly in place under the saddle while Ortlieb has designed the bag to have no protruding parts to interrupt cycling.

A snap buckle system makes the bag easy to attach and detach and it is compatible with most bike models so the load can be shared if cycling in a group!

The Two Saddle Bag is waterproof while a multi-layered system offers protection from the elements. It is available in a larger size too (4.1 litres), which also doubles up as a rear fender to keep the spray off your back on those wetter days.

Ortlieb has designed a bag large enough to carry more than the essential items, such as phones, nutrition bars and bike repair kits. It will fit securely underneath the saddle with additional clips and straps to lock it firmly in place.

Lezyne Loaded Caddy Saddle Bag

  • Capacity: 0.35 litres
  • Weight: 60 grams
  • Size: Small
  • Colour: Black

This lightweight saddle bag from Lezyne has enough room for the essentials in well-spaced compartments.

A large main compartment is big enough to store tools, phones, snacks and pumps, while two smaller areas on the side can fit credit cards, keys etc. Space is used very effectively, despite the bag’s small capacity.

The bag is weather resistant with a durable woven nylon fabric construction and waterproof zips. The sturdy hook and loop system keeps the bag firmly in place to saddle rails and seat posts while riding.

Lezyne also offers free equipment with the bag. A pair of Matrix Levers, a Smart Kit and V5 multi-tool are all part of the package.

The Lezyne Loaded Caddy Saddle Bag can fit plenty of accessories in through the well-organised compartment system. It is also secure enough to lock in place and to hold many essentials. The addition of free tools is a bonus; there will be space left over for other items too once loaded into the bag. 

Bontrager Elite Seat Pack

  • Capacity: 1.4 litres
  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Size: S to M
  • Colour: Yellow

Although lightweight, the Bontrager Elite Seat Pack offers plenty of cover for essential items and a secure fit underneath the saddle.

A nylon PU coating ensures the bag is weatherproof and multiple layers keep objects dry against downpours, showers and splashes. The low-profile seat post attachment secures the bag in place via a hook and loop attachment.

One main pocket and multiple side pockets ensure there is ample space for tools, phones and other objects needed for short and long journeys. Reflective elements also coat the outer materials of the bag and a loop on the front of the bag can be used for clip-on lights, which provides improved visibility.

The Bontrager Elite Seat Pack is well-suited for all conditions and it is a lightweight yet robust saddlebag. The small size ensures there is no interference when cycling while the 10-gram weight means it is barely noticeable when pedalling. 

Scicon Hipo 550 Saddle Bag

  • Capacity: 0.55 litres
  • Weight: 137 grams
  • Size: One Size
  • Colour: Black

With 0.55 litres of storage space, there is plenty of room in the Scicon Hipo 550 Saddlebag for supplies and tools.

The main feature of this bag is the Roller 2.1 fitting system that attaches to all sized seat rails through a twisting motion without the need for tools. It locks in place securely with no movement when cycling.

The Hipo 500 is made from durable nylon, making it lightweight and compact. Reflective piping and a light loop around the centre of the bag increases visibility in dark conditions.

For a quick fitting, secure saddlebag, the Hipo 500 presents a great option. The Roller 2.1 fitting makes it attachable in a matter of seconds without compromising cycling comfort and the protection of your items.

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Saddle Bag

Consider weight for your journey

Some cyclists may be more conscious about the weight of their bike, depending on the type of cycling they prefer. Carrying more equipment and accessories creates more mass, which makes a bike less aerodynamic. So, for performance cyclists, a smaller saddle bag with pure essentials could be a better choice. For those travelling at a more leisurely pace or cycling on a day trip, speed and weight may not be an issue.

Items to carry in a saddlebag

Some bags are tailor-made to fit small tools, phones and a few other items only. Popular tools cyclists may carry include a multi-tool, puncture repair kit or a hand pump, which can come in handy if you get stuck with a flat tyre and there’s no transport nearby! However, larger bags can fit more items like maps and snacks. Consider the length of your journey and how much you will need to carry, which will help you to choose the most appropriately sized bag.

Separate compartments

If you opt for a small saddle bag, organising it well can create more space. To maximise space, use side pockets and smaller area more effectively and free up the main compartment for tools and larger items. You will be surprised how much space a saddle bag has when you take a few moments to prepare carefully!

Frequently Asked questions

How are saddlebags attached to a bike?

Saddlebags are attached to the seat or the frame of a bike. Usually, Velcro, buckles or clip system will securely fasten the bag to your bike to prevent it from moving around mid-ride.

Do they interfere when cycling?

Saddlebags should fit and lock securely so they don’t swing or get in the way when cycling. Any excess or protrusion is often clipped in and locked in place to prevent bags from getting caught as cyclists pedal.

How much can I fit into a saddle bag?

Most bags specify the capacity they can hold, usually varying from 0.3 litres to larger bags in the 1.6 litres region. Even in the smallest, lightest of saddlebags, there is enough room to fit tools, phones, credit cards and a nutrition bar. Larger bags will have lots more space for more substantial items needed for longer routes. Some bag manufacturers offer different size saddlebags, which can be the size of a small rucksack.

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